Our Mission

Our Mission at Boynton Baptist Church is to:

Reach Them ...

Identify and contact the lost and unchurched in our area and the world. People are lost. They are dead in trespasses and sin. Clearly the Bible teaches that "the wages of sin is death" and that means separation from God in hell forever. If we do not reach them, who will? It is not the calling of civic clubs, fraternities, and sororities to reach them. It is our calling.

Teach Them ...

Train them to become disciples and servants. Our goal is to help Christians grow - to pour the word of God into the people we reach. Through the Sunday Bible Study, the pulpit, and by example we teach them the inspired, infallible Word of God. Through the Word of God we resist the devil. Through the Word of God faith is made strong. It is our responsibility to mature and grow as Christians and then help others to grow in their Christian lives.

Keep Them ...

It is through being ever sensitive to one another's needs that we are best able to minister. People will not stay where they are not wanted. When we refuse to offer a helping hand to our fellow Christians we say in effect, "We do not want you." People need prayer, encouragement, fellowship, and sympathy. If we help somebody up a hill, you will make it up the hill yourself.

Let us examine every program and every activity in the light of our mission statement. We must constantly ask ourselves


  September 2021  
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